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“No one is an orphan as long as there is another human being in this world.” True to its saying stands Nagammaiyar Children's Home. Thanthai Periyar, the ultimate visionary, started Nagammaiyar women's home for orphans in 1959 at Trichy. Those were days when female foeticide was  very common and a horrible crime in the society. Annai Maniyammaiyar, who strongly opposed the barbaric act, took care of the home for orphan female children and nurtured the abandoned children like her own. The Home was started with a small strength of 13 children, which now cradles over 150 children. Parentless were all registered with initials of E.V R.M ( E.V.Ramasamy Maniammai) and were given an identity in the society.

K.Veeramani, the successor of reformation, who now continues this yeomen service, changed the Home's name from ‘Nagammaiyar Women's Orphan Home’ to ‘Nagammaiyar Children’s Home.’ In the year 1979, during the celebration of Thanthai Periyar's 100th year, The Periyar Garden was changed to Periyar's Centenary Educational Complex and special permission was obtained from the Government to shift some Educational Institutions and Charity homes to this new address.

With the help of generous contributors a separate building worth Rs. 30 Lakhs was constructed. The former Honorable Prime Minister Thiru. V.P.Singh inaugurated this new building. So far 1566 helpless women have received a new life through this Home. Moreover, with the many initiatives taken by Dr.Veeramani, several children who studied at the Home have been raised to become respectable professionals like Teachers, Engineers, Junior Assistants and also as Office Executives.

The generous reformist along with his wife Thirumathi. Mohana Veeramani, stand as strong pillars to the Home, safeguarding the inmates’ well being. They frequently visit the ex-inmates of the Home who got married and settled elsewhere. The children at Home are given special care which reflects in their academic results & extra curricular activities. Inmates of the Home, score 100% in their academics while they excel in sports activities too.

To know more about Nagammaiyar Children’s Home click www.childrenhome.in

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