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Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) split from Dravidar Kazhagam in the year 1949. However, Dr.Veeramani stayed loyal to Periyar and  Dravidar Kazhagam and continued being one of its staunch lieutenants.

A few weeks before DMK’s split form Dravidar Kazhagam, Thanthai Periyar announced his future plans. Due to his physical condition, he was unable to travel like before and  decided to hand over the party duties to K.A. Maniammaiyar (who was his secretary for more than 5 years) and announced her as his legal heir to handle his huge wealth. He also had to marry her due to legal requirements, as it prevented him from granting this access to Annai Maniammaiyar. Thanthai Periyar, also detailed his  situation in a statement called, “My Explanation.”

Due to allegations that Thanthai Periyar’s marriage to Annai Maniammaiyar would end the operations of the party, Thanthi Periyar made a second announcements clearing qualms about the issue, that the marriage was only due to legal necessities and will not affect the party’s routine or its principles. Dr.Veeramani was one of the most loyal followers who strongly believed that, every action of Thanthai Periyar was aimed at  the party’s welfare as its ultimatum. Even though the marriage caused friction between Dr. Veeramani and his elder brother, he  held his unwavered trust on Thanthai Periyar. He even continued his friendship with former party members like K.G.Swaminathan, who later joined DMK after the turbulent happenings within the party.

This is a tiny window towards Dr.Veeramani’s ocean of trust he had for Thanthai Periyar. He was deep  into his ideologies and his world revolved around his principles. It was this commitment that yielded our party, a potential leader who fought the odds of mankind.

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