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veeramani friends

One of Dr.Veeramani’s best gifts is his ability to maintain a very healthy friend circle. Though Dr.Veeramani is an unfettered atheist, it does not stop him from having warm relationships and friendship with other believers. His schoolmate and a very good friend, Mr. D.G.S.Dinakaran was a Christian Missionary and a strong believer of God, while Dr.Veeramani is a strongly believing atheist. In spite of this difference, both old schoolers shared a truly respectful friendship. This clearly indicates that humanism does not get disturbed by one’s belief system.

Dr.Veeramani’s friends circle is a good mix of intellectuals and leaders. State Ministers G.Buvaraghavan and ‘Paunruti’ Ramachandran were his schoolmates and remain as good friends even today. G.Buvaraghavan’s younger brother G.Jeyaraj who was Dr.Veeramani’s class mate is also his close family friend. Thiru. Athmanathan, who is a physical trainer turned Tamil teacher at Dharmapuri, is one of Veeramani’s close friends. Dr.A.Rajasekaran, a well known Urologist and prominent personality in the Indian medical arena, is another  close friend of Dr.Veeramani, and both continue their friendship since student days even though they joined different career fields.

Dr.Veeramani’s other close friends from school and his city Cuddalore, include Kuzhandaivelu, a retired Income Tax officer, Thiru. Bharatharajan, a topper from school days, Dr.Raju, a doctorate holder in education & scientific studies, Thiru. Lingaswamy, a retired officer in Co-operative society, Dr.Viswanathan, a well known doctor based in Chennai and many others continue to be very good friends of Dr.Veeramani even today.

Even if his friends are far away from him, Dr.Veeramani does not forget them. He fondly remembers how he gets to meet his long time friends in different locations around the world. Thiru. Sabu, now a resident of London is one of Dr.Veeramani’s school friends. During his visit to London for a conference, the reformist got to meet Thiru. Sabu, and both were overwhelmed with joy. Dr.Veeramani regards his school  friends very close to his heart  always and  never misses an opportunity to be with them.

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