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‘Ideas must be strongly linked and must follow one another without interruption… when you have thus formed a chain of ideas in the heads of your citizens, you then will be able to pride yourself on guiding them and being their masters’
– French Reformer.


 True to the above words, Dr.Veeramani stands apt to the description, a natural leader born to bring reforms. Benchmarking a complete personality, he has re-shaped institutions and above all re-organized people’s lives. He  strongly believes that a business enterprise or an educational institution is an extension of the society and results in the strategic growth of the nation as a whole. Dr.Veeramani, induced his innovations on the various educational institutions and businesses under his umbrella, which in turn benefitted several others in making a decent livelihood.

One of the prominent innovations worth mentioning is the bio-gas unit functioning in one of his educational institutions, Periyar Maniammai University. Dr.Veeramani believes that “Waste is Wealth,” hence even the waste materials from the University are utilized to convert them into vermicompost, which is used in the preparation of gas. There are 3 bio gas plants in the University which currently produces 70 tonnes of vermicompost, while plans are underway to institute one 1200 cm bio gas plant which can also produce electricity apart from vermicompost. About 5500 farmers have been trained in producing vermicompost and more than 1500 farmers purchase earthworms through this project by which they can produce their own vermicompost, at a lower cost.

The University is also the pioneer in offering a course on “Bio Mass Gasifier.” 60% of the electricity consumed by the university is produced within the campus through Bio mass gasifier. Periyar Maniammai University is the 1st among India’s educational institutions to set-up this Bio mass gasifier unit.

Periyar Research Organization for ‘Bio Tech and Eco Development’ is helping through various channels to uplift the living standard of farmers. The organization had procured 100 acres of barren land at Achampatti and converted it into a productive land using natural manure & preserving by means of natural agricultural methods. Since the water level is very low in this area, ‘Drip Water Irrigation’ is being practiced, dispersing the available water to trees especially to larger tenure trees. Moreover, 1000 acres of barren land in the surrounding area has been converted to farmlands. To inter link farmland, cattle is also reared here. Other farmers have also become aware of the necessity for such inter linked farms and have started following the same.

Following the footsteps of his mentor Thanthai Periyar who believed that “Education is about inculcating intellectual curiosity and self-respect that enhances one’s life, by inducing knowledge into business or work environment” Dr.Veeramani dedicated himself to the benefit of fellow human beings.

Many run educational institutions. Many run business organizations. But only one out of a million like Dr.Veeramani who dedicates his wealth & intelligence for the benefit of the society as a whole.


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