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  1. Burning of Raman’s portrait. (1956)

  2. Burning of Map of India (1960).

  3. Ravana leela (1974).

  4. MISA (From 3-11-76 to 23-1-77 in central prison of Chennai).

  5. Block Flag demonstration against Indira Gandhi (31-10-1977).

  6. Struggle against the Government poet for defarming Annai Nagammiar (at Chennai Central Prison) from 22-3-79 to 4-4-79.

  7. Burning of Manu Dharma (1981).

  8. Picketing before the St. George Fort to implement the re-commendations of Ismail -Somasundaram commission.

  9. Black flag demonstration against Jeyawardhen,e President of Sri Lanka (23-1-1983).

  10. Picketing before the house of Indira Gandhi to implement the recommendations of Mandal Commission (9-8-1984).

  11. For having hoisted black flag on August 15th as a day of grief (anniversary day of the Indian Independence) for the issues related to Eelam Tamils, at Trichy (15-8-84).

  12. For black flag demonstration against Mr. R. Venkataraman, then vice president of Government of India during his first visit to Chennai after assuming office, for having said, that “it is foolish to send army to Elam to save Tamils.

  13. Picketing before the Madurai – Ramnad district Collectors offices at Madurai requesting to stop the ‘hunting’ of the fishermen of Tamilnadu by singhalese Navy.

  14. Wiping out the Hindi letters at the Railway stations (22-9-85).

  15. Picketing before the taluk office at Tiruvarur for Cauvery water (From 30-10-1985 to 5-11-1985 at Trichy Jail).

  16. Burning of the copy of the new education Scheme (From 22-6-1986 to 4-7-1986 at Chennai Central Prison).

  17. Struggle at Delhi to implement Mandal Commission Recommendations (7-10-1986).

  18. Picketing the ships for the issues of Eelam Tamils at Tuticorin – Arrested (20-2-1989).

  19. Picketing the trains of Chennai - arrested

  20. Burning the copy of Rajiv Gandhi – Jeyawardhane agreement arrested in /Chennai (2-8-87).

  21. Picketing at Chennai for the false propaganda against Eelam by Television (26-40-1987 to 4-11-1987).

  22. Burning the effigy of Jeyawardhane for having came as a guest in the Republic day – Black Flag hoisting at each house – arrested at Chennai (25-1-88).

  23. Demonstration of Black flag against Mr. Venkataraman, The President of Indian Republic for having betrayed Tamils of Eelam and going to Sankara Charias each time against the Secularism Arrested at Guindy, Chennai (21-31988).

  24. Arrested while on the way to meet commander Kitttu of Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam.

  25. Burning of the effigy of Poori sankarachari, the supporter of untouchability, and Sati (burning of wife alive with the dead body of the husband)

  26. Picketing of Post offices, throughout Tamil Nadu to implement the recommendations of Mandal commission.

  27. Burning of Supreme Court order for having banned the recommendations of Mandal commission.

  28. Black flag demonstration against the President Mr. R. Venkataraman for having refused to meet the parliament members of the depressed community to meet him on Cauvery Waters andMandal Commission recommendations.

  29. Picketing the Post Office at Chennai Anna Salai for the problems of Tamils of Karnataka.

  30. Picketing before the Post Office at Trivarur insisting the Central Government to enforce the judgment of the mediatory board.

  31. Public Meeting to explain of Ravana Leela in Violation of the banning order – arrest at Puducheri (6-12-1992).

  32. Wiping out Hindi at railway Stations at Chennai (10-2-1993).

  33. Picketing to enforce Mandal Commission Report – Chennai (23-4-19993).

  34. Burning of the Supreme Court’s order to make inactive of 69% reservation for backward people.

  35. Arrested during the attempt to conduct a Public Meeting to condemn the massacre of Eelam Tamils at Pudupet, Chennai (31-5-1995).

  36. Burning of the order of the Supreme Court against 69% reservation of tamilnadu Arrested Madurai (25-9-1955).

  37. Arrested at Chennai for burning the effigies, of the Justices, who gave verdict against Social Justice (jailed at vellore for 15 days 23-8-1996).

  38. Picketing at the Hindu Religious and Charitable endowment board, demanding the right of becoming Archakas to all castes. Arrested at Tanjavur (29-12-2000).

  39. Arrested at Delhi along with Chanadrajith, D.P. Yadav, and the leaders for attempted to picketing before the Parliament, pressing for the demands for Social Justice.

  40. Picketing for the right of becoming Archakas by all castes. Chennai (1-2-200).

  41. Picketing before the Madras High Court requesting justice Mukobatyaya to apologise for insulting. The IAs officers of Tamilnadu. Arrested (1-11-2006).

  42. Agitation against condemning Narendra Modi for having written a look (Karma Yoga) justifying depressed people to carry the human resources (Dec11, 2006).

  43. Picketing the trains for the Eelam tamils problems like raining of bombs on Tamils, and attacking the TamilNadu fishermen by Srilanka navy, arrested Chennai.(23-9-2008).

  44. Is creamy layer for backward people? Picketing violating, insisting amendment to the law (29-1-2009).

  45. Picketing the trains in all the district headquarters insisting Sethu samuthiram probate arrested in Chennai (5-6-2010).

  46. Picketing at Neiveli insisting not to give electricity to Karnataka, for refusing water to TamilNadu. Arrested (15-10-2012).

  47. For the living rights of Tamils of Eelam, the Dravidar Kazhagam took a processoin towards central State for picketing, was arrested along with volunteers(2-9-2009).

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