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St. David's, the high school (the new name) where Dr.Veeramani did his schooling had a remarkable impact towards his future success. Rev.Father Masilamani - then, the Headmaster of the school, Thiru. G.M.Arumainayagam -the next Head Master of the school, and many other kind hearted teachers, all had high hopes and great love for young Veeramani. At this time, Dr.Veeramani was a budding orator and a familiar political party cadre.

One of the fondest teachers in this school was Thiru Samuel. He was a strict teacher, often spotted with a cane his hand. Thiru. Samuel however, was fond of young Veeramani. During his classes he often asked Veeramani to share his experience from his latest party meetings. The teacher would finally end the class by deriving a moral out Veeramani’s speech and advice other students in the class to also be reformative in their thoughts.

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Other teachers like Thiru.Dhanraj, Mrs.Gnanamani, Mrs.Yesudian, Thiru.Venugopal, Thiru.Padmanabhan also contributed towards grooming the young reformist. One of his teachers, Thiru Krishnamurthy Rao, though belonging to a conservative Brahmin community, was very loving towards Veeramani and was also a good acquaintance of his father. Dr.Veeramani’s elementary school teacher Thiru Ramalingam who was also a follower of Periyarism, was one of the most lovable teachers of Veeramani who became good friends with him in the later days.

Not only his school teachers, but also scholars from various grounds were fond of young Veeramani. The learned Tamil scholar Pazhaniyandi (Mudaliar), a well respected person in the city showed immense interest in Veeramani and in his reformist ideas. Tamil poets like Selvaganapathi, Thandapani and Sambandanar who were passionate towards Tamil language, all had great love towards Veeramani for his revolutionary thoughts and ideas. Even religious thinkers liked him. Thiru. Duraisamy,  who was the father of D.G.S.Dinakaran, who ran a service organization called,” Jesus Calls” had high regards for Veeramani. Thiru.Duraisamy’s son Thiru.Dinakaran, who is the founder of “Karunya Education Trust” was Veeramani’s bench mate in school and also remains a good friend of him till his end..

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to denote Dr.Veeramani’s teachers and other well wishers to be the sculptors of his life as a reformer.

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