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Upon completing his fifth standard at Old Town r in Cuddalore, Dr.Veeramani’s teacher Dravida Mani enrolled him in sixth standard at SPG [Society for the Propagation of Gospels]  Christian Missionary High School, in Cuddalore Old Town.


SPG was the only High  School at Cuddalore Old Town during that period. Rev. Father Masilamani was the Headmaster of the School. A strict, duty

conscious and affectionate person, Rev.Father Masilamani was one of Dr.Veeramani’s young age inspirations. Though SPG was a Christian school, the management was thoroughly broad minded enough to groom students irrespective of their religion, caste or any other discriminatory factors.

Dr.Veeramani has fond memories of his SPG school days and considers it as one of his best experiences in life. Like him, his schoolmates too have reached respectable positions today and have become icons in their fields of interest. The products of SPG, through their hard work and dedication have reached top positions in many areas like politics, science, medicine, education and even religion.

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