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Periyar PURA is the noble mission of Periyar Maniaammai Institute of Science and technology (PMIST) specially instituted for the upliftment of the under privileged rural community. Periyar PURA strives to achieve knowledge-based society by ensuring quality education, employment, equality, health and other amenities under the dynamic leadership of Dr.Veeramani.

Periyar PURA enables villages with the connectivity of Physical (road, school, hospital etc.,) Electronic (Phone, Wi-Max etc.,) Knowledge (know-how, do-how, earn-how) and Economic connectivity (value addition, marketing linkages, financial linkages etc.,). The program also generates employment and income through its production, processing and marketing activities.

8 Periyar institutions, 9000 students of different discipline and 850 staff have taken the task of providing urban amenities to  the villages as part of achieving the goal of creating ‘developed India by 2020.’

In appreciation of  their noble cause, His Excellency, the Former President of India Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam inaugurated the Periyar PURA on 23rd December 2003. This rejuvenates the life and living of the people residing in the 65 villages encircling the institution.

Thiru K.Veeramani strives hard to create an egalitarian society where every human being is treated respectfully. He is relentlessly fighting against superstitious and irrational beliefs that are deeply rooted in the society and against unfair exploitations in the name of caste, creed and religion. His primary aim is to serve for the cause of rural upliftment.

His services towards rural mass are remarkable. They are vivid with such activities like the Periyar PURA. To know more about Periyar PURA, click www.periyarpura.org

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