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While some argue that men and women are treated differently in the society due to their gender differences, others note that individuals are viewed to posses different qualities based on their race and ethnicity, regardless of their individual qualities. However, these social distinctions often go unexamined because they appear to be the result of social structures rather than prejudice. The reformist has opposed such socio-structural activities from the past and even now daringly suppresses it.

Dr.Veeramani organized several movements of historical significance to bring about essential social changes through reasoning. The target of this reasoning is not to get fame, but to render a service for the betterment of people as a whole. This movement was & is a repertoire of human rights.
Dravidar Kazhagam, now under the leadership of Dr.K.Veeramani continues its service to the society through propagandas and agitations and have passed Resolutions, which were made as  Laws and Acts by  the Central and State governments. All these stand as vintage memories in the hearts of many who have yearned for such a change in the society.
Dravidar Kazhagam, under his leadership  strongly  propagates the principles  of Thanthai Periyar globally without any deviations from their task to refine the mass through means of meetings and gatherings conducted at regular intervals.

A much appreciated quality of Kazhagam deserves a special mention. Dr.Veeramani who heads Dravidar Kazhagam has not, in any circumstances been flexible to any of its allies when there is a stake on the party’s ideologies. Instead, agitations by the Dravidar Kazhagam are stronger whenever there is a need for them. No hesitation is shown and no compromises are made. The quality and intensity of the agitations are decided depending on the need of the hour and circumstances. Firmly clenching on the principles of Thanthai Periyar, he has taken up the task of spreading it and preserving it with the same intensity for the generations ahead.
Even at the ripe age  Dr.Veeramani does not want to rest. He makes constant tours to address gatherings, creating ripples of reasoning amongst his listeners, with the same spirit of fiery speeches that he used to give when he was a lad.In spite of his medical conditions and his doctor’s advice, he  travels more  days in a month to places from  Tiruttani to Rameswaram., Usilampatti, Andipatti, Bodi, Kumbum, Gudalur, Varsanadu and parts of Nilgiris, which were not touched by Periyar's ideology.
Thanks to his efforts, all these places are now being inundated with his  rationalism and ideals.

Dr.Veeramani’s goal of life is the betterment of the society. In fact he considers his well-being only next to his society’s. His commitment is so intense, that there is not a single day spared without spreading the ideologies of Thanthai Periyar.
Moreover in the war against the evils of superstition, caste-system and the suppression of women depriving them of their rights, the party conducts road rallies portraying various aspects of social injustice that have remarkably achieved mass support and unanimous recognition from the public.
‘Viduthalai’ the only ‘rationalist daily’ started by Thanthai Periyar in the year 1935, acts a vital tool for the party’s propagations and was rightly pointed out by the President of ‘The International Humanist and Ethical Union,’ Mr. Levi Fragal, as “ The only rationalist daily in the world.’

Dr.Veeramani has been addressing public meetings since the age of nine for the past 70 years through indoor meetings, public meetings, Seminars & Conventions. Indeed, a great leader and a powerful orator.

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